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2015 Hardware + Building Supply Dealer
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Industrial Products

Holmes Building Materials, unlike many of our competitors, specializes in providing products to industrial customers. In South Louisiana there are many refineries that have a demand for fireproofing materials. A few years ago, our owner in conjunction with a local cement company, designed private label industrial sand mixes for Holmes Building Materials distribution.

apartment constructionAvailable products include an Industrial Mix 4000 and Industrial Sand Fireproofing Mix. The IMIX4000 is designed to give a minimum break of 4000 PSI, while the Industrial Sand Fireproofing Mix provides 3500 PSI break strength after 28 days.

In addition, Holmes Building Materials carries fire-retardant lumber and plywood, industrial paints, epoxy, grouts, fasteners, steel rebar, concrete bonders, treated plywood, ply form, dimensional lumber, OSHA-approved marking paints, hardwood and timbers.

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